Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello everyone!

Merry Christmas. I’m so excited today because tomorrow is Christmas day! Because I live in the Southern hemisphere Christmas time in Australia  is during our hottest time, summer. This year the temperature has ranged from 28celsius to 34celsius. Which for me is pretty hot. As my family lives near the beach we have spent a lot of time in the water. I have always wanted to have a white Christmas, I wonder if any of you live on the northern hemisphere want to have Christmas in Summer. This year for Christmas my sister Kate ( and I are going to try and see Santa. For Christmas this year I am wishing for an Iphone 7. Although I don’t think I am going to get it. What do you want for Christmas? Merry Christmas!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

In Australia we are starting to celebrate Christmas, our family always puts up the Christmas tree on the 1st of December. Every year each member of my family chooses a new christmas decoration to put on the tree. On the first day of the holidays Alfie, Santa’s scout elf comes down each day he hides somewhere different and our family tries to find him. What does your family do to celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year


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Nkayi, Zimbabwe

At school we are helping raise money for a organisation TEAR, TEAR helps less fortunate people to provide them with fruit and veggies and other important things like education, In unit of inquiry we were looking at how we can express ourselves. and through this we were looking at TEAR and the places they help at.  We got into groups of four and decided on the place we were going to focus on. My group decided to do Nkayi, Zimbabwe. Nkayi is located in the middle of Zimbabwe.

Our lines of inquiry where; Actions speak louder than words, We are connected to the world and Beliefs and values can be expressed in different ways. I think the line of inquiry most related to our house building is Beliefs and values can be expressed in different ways because throughout making this project we put things that we believed and valued into the making of the house, like I value fresh fruit and veggies so we decided to put a citrus tree in.

I think our group took a lot of risks in the making of this project. For instance we were unsure what to use as a water tank and drains but in the end we decided to use a bottle cap and some straw. We also needed to use thinking skills to figure out what our scale for our model was. We needed to do a lot of research to help us learn more about Nkayi. Because we were in a group  together we had to use social skills so we could be a strong team so we could make a strong reliable house.

Apart from just learning about Nkayi and its houses in Maths we learnt how to find the longitude and latitude on a map. We also learnt about the developed and the developing countries. We also enjoyed watching a video called where children sleep.

We created a small model of what we thought the houses should be like with slight improvement. Before making the model we planed a version on floorplanner. Our scale for our model is  is 4cm to equal one meter. The dimensions of the house is 4x5m2. We have created a small garden for the residents to have their own crops. We added a citrus tree so the residents could have fresh healthy fruit to eat. We also added chickens so the residents could have protein to keep them healthy. Outside  the house we have one water tank to catch rainwater, so they don’t have to walk a very long way to get a small amount of water. They can just walk outside their house and get some water. Throughout making the house we faced one major difficulty, our house crumbled down. We realised The problem was we weren’t connecting the pieces of clay so hey where separate.  Because the whole thing crumbled we used all of the old pieces and stuck it into the new clay structure.  We also figured the latitude of Zimbabwe which is 19°00’00.0″S and the longitude which is 28°54’00.0″E. The area of Nkayi is 4,830.6 km2 and the total population in Nkayi, Zimbabwe is 109,135 people. Sydney, Australia is 9 hours ahead of Nkayi, Zimbabwe.

I have created a Venn diagram to show the differences and the similarities.

Nkayi, Zimbabwe 

They speak a different language. In Nkayi they have shops that look more like markets. The houses haven’t got electricity in them they don’t look very up to date. The animals roam around in the countryside without zoo’s or anything to protect humans. The Nkayi’s feet are often bare. Some of their house are made of sticks and mud. They are in poverty so they struggle to make money. Few of the adults went to school.

My suburb

We are all well educated and so are our parents. Our house are made of reliable materials such as brick and timber. We own houses full of electricity and all our houses are up to date. We have our animals locked up in zoo’s and houses. We have a lot of fun sport courts and beaches which are kept clean and healthy. Our clothing is always clean and unless we want to we will always wear shoes on our feet.


We both try our hardest to improve every day. We both have friends and family. We both have houses. We both love to learn and go love to go to school. We are both grateful for everything we have but always want more.


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Ella 😀



The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop

This year my favourite book would definitely have to be The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop. The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop is a mix of adventure and fantasy. This is a quick review of it. I wonder what you’re favourite book is, maybe you could recommend some ideas of good books  to read. If you want I can put you on  my cool blogs list

Enter a world filled with magical chocolate, evil villains, and a adventure twins Lily and Oz never could have dreamed of. Lily and Oz Spoffard have just inherited a magical house with a mysterious boarded-up chocolate shop downstairs. The twins great-great-uncles were famous chocolate makers, and their chocolate was ANYTHING but ordinary. In fact, it had magical properties. Now a bunch of tourist are after the secret recipe, and it s up to Lily and Oz to stop them. The fate of their family, and the world, depends on it.” The twins are swept into a thrilling battle, helped by an invisible cat, a talking rat and the ghost of an elephant.

Recycled Instruments

Musician in the making

For music this term we have been making recycled instruments to do with our central idea in unit of inquiry ‘The  physical properties of Materials affect how they are used.’ and one of our lines of inquiry ‘Knowledge of materials enables designers to produce solutions.’  We had to choose what instrument we were going to make.

I decided to make a guitar. I chose a shoe box for the head of the guitar, cardboard for the bridges of the guitar, elastic bands, elastic and balloons for the strings of the guitar. I used pins to hold the strings onto the guitar, duct tape to give the strings and pins extra support and two toilet paper rolls were used for the top of the guitar. Finally, I used ribbon for the guitar strap.

The pitch of my guitar is low, I think this is because I used thicker materials for the strings of the guitar. I think that if my strings were thinner my instrument would have made a had made a higher sound. My instrument is loud, again I think this is because I used thicker materials for the strings of my guitar. I figured out the more stretched the material of the strings was, the deeper the sound became.

The way I made my guitar was first I cut a hole in the shoe box. Then I made a bridge for the guitar by folding the cardboard and sticking them down with tape. I then stretched the strings choosing what sound I wanted them to make. After that I stuck pins into the ends of the string. I pinned them into the box taping duct tape over the top of the four strings. After making the main part of the guitar, I stuck the two toilet paper rolls together. Then I stuck them to the head of my guitar. Finally, I used a piece of ribbon for the strap of my guitar, tying it to the top and sticky taping it to the bottom of my guitar. The most challenging part in making this guitar, was finding things to be the strings. I have really enjoyed making this guitar.



In class we are reading the story Pax by Sara Pennypacker. Pax is a story about a fox and his boy Peter during war. I would strongly recommend reading the book, I won’t give too much away but here’s a quick review on what it’s about.

Pax was only a kit (baby fox) when his family was killed, and “his boy” Peter, rescued him from death.The war was approaching, and when Peter’s father enlisted in the war, Peter had to move in with his stern grandpa. Far worse than being forced to leave home, was the fact that Pax couldn’t go with Peter. Before Peter made it through even one night under his grandpa’s roof, regret and sadness turned him to action. He packed for a journey to get his best friend back and sneaked into the night. This is the story of Peter, Pax, and their struggles to return to one another again.

Science Experiment – Blowing up a balloon with yeast

Hello again today I am going to show you a really cool experiment that I did at school. The experiment I did was Blowing up a balloon with yeast. My hypothesis was if I put yeast and sugar into the bottle with warm water then they will react by the yeast eating the sugar and creating gas which will blow the balloon up. My  hypothesis was correct and the bottle with warm water inflated the balloon the most. I wonder if you decide to do the experiments if you’ll have the same results as me. To do the experiment read the instructions below.



1.    Fill first bottle up with about 1 inch of warm water. Then the second bottle with about 1 inch of cold water

2.    Add all the yeast from the two packets into  the two bottles and swirl the bottles around.

3.    Add sugar to both the bottles and continue swirling the bottles.

4.    Blow up both the balloons a few times   then place the neck of the balloon over the neck of the  two bottles.

5.    Let the bottles sit in a warm place for         20 minutes


·       x2 packets of yeast

·       x2 small, clean, clear, plastic soda               bottles

·      2 teaspoon of sugar

·      Some warm water

·      Some cold water

·      x2 balloons

.     Funnel



What balloon inflated the most when you did it?

Share your answer with me.